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Fatherhood photoshoot

Leigh on Sea, Essex

Just imagine to turn up to client's home at 3pm on Saturday when England kicked off with Sweden in World Cup for a Fatherhood photoshoot!

After 'Hi!' swiftly followed 'I can come another time!' and good job this family doesn't give a hoot about football because we had the best fun ever! 

We established that we packed full weekend of activities into intensive hour but these boys loved every single minute with their daddy messing around and I totally loved watching and capturing what was unfolding in front of me. So much so, that I told my hubby that I need to do this for him and kids, they totally root for him right now and it is a matter of time when I lose my last baby to become daddy's boy! 

PS: there is no way we are having another btw! Three is the magic number for us!

More info about Fatherhood package here.

Fine Art Children Portrait

Natural light Fine Art ~ Leigh on Sea

I have already shared few images of Charlie. It was really great, fun shoot in my home studio playing trumpet and trying to get some backhand moves in the frame.

If you are interested to get timeless and classic imagery of your child, please email me for more details (the website will be updated with info soon) or fill in the form in Contact me.


Fine Art Children Portraits news

Some exciting plans are plotting in my photography. Soon I will be offering Fine Art Children photography sessions in my home based studio in Leigh on Sea.

It has been a while since I photographed a subject specifically for a fine art experience, precisely 6 years and some odd 9 months ago.

It was time when I worked for a local studio and was finalizing my Associateship panel for British Institute of Professional Photography (I passed on my Licentiateship couple of years before that and was ready to up my qualification). 

I worked with hundreds of families and every so often I got inspired and at the end of the session we created a timeless photo, out of ordinary, just their child, no unnecessary props, no distraction, all about them and I quickly realized that sometimes the simplest of looks worked best and draws you more intently to them, their faces, their eyes.

I was heavily pregnant when I completed my panel of 20 images and the focus or theme if you like was Nude and Performance. I already had my first son Max when I submitted my panel and went for judging.

As you can imagine, it was a nerve wracking experience and rather emotional, all the work, mentoring, changes but I was happy with the result. I didn’t pass. I was heartbroken and remember pushing tears away (some slipped obv) and that was it. I turned back on the style I was creating because I didn’t think it was good enough. What I forgot to acknowledge all these years was it wasn’t a failure; it was an achievement as I didn’t pass only on 3 images out of 20. I think I could have gone back and reshoot and resubmit however I have just become a mother and my priorities changed.

Over the years some of it crept back and I used directional light to create more sophisticated looks with my clients but most of the time I was happily working within my style I created in my own environment when I set off on self employed journey, self taught to photograph newborns and work only with natural light.

I came to realize that every few years I crave for a change (as we all do I guess) and do something out of routine and do something which challenges my skills and creativity.

SOOOOO, 2018 is going to be more about unleashing the potential in myself, what I can achieve with natural light and be different and more daring from what I have done over the past few years. I will still continue with all of my packages as they are as well.

Whilst I put plans into action and create a package (and launch my Fine art children portrait and all that), I would like to share my panel with you just because I am proud of my work now and before! Comments as always welcome :)

Much love,


PS: if you are interested in having styled fine art session, please contact me and will send you some information as soon as.


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