How I did a lifestyle photoshoot in my home studio

My recent session inquiry started something like this: We would like to book for a family lifestyle session but we want to come to your home based studio as we are in a process of moving and our style is quite minimalistic and would like more clean background pictures (in nutshell anyway).

I wouldn't be telling you this story if I thought - yeah that's fine! 

Firstly I worried I can't get lifestyle photos in my bare looking studio room! Secondly the family session was exactly that -family session, which I can honestly say I don't remember if that ever happened to me! Normally parents shy away from the camera and it is normally me encouraging them to participate bit more (especially newborn sessions). I absolutely get it but you - yourselves take hundreds or thousands images of your children yet you most probably have less of the ones with you in them or all of you in your images. And yes, there are the popular selfies, but not often they do justice to whatever emotion or activity you want to capture as we get so preoccupied with which button to press, where on the phone i am looking, who is actually looking and the list goes on.

I am not saying let's not do individual photos of children! I make sure (twice a year) I have lovely portraits of my children to change over in the frames or give to family members but I also have yearly family photoshoot i am included in. It's not only important for us to document our family unit but for your children and future generations...

Anyway, this session scared me a little as I wasn't sure how I can be in charge of  what we are doing next, looking as naturally as possible, capturing the essence of their family life and without looking at the camera most/all of the time.

I must say they were absolutely amazing, totally embraced how the session naturally unfolded, concentrating on what was so important for them to document, interaction with their lovely baby, the joy, the love they showed. It absolutely surprised me(!) how much I enjoyed the session (I really wasn't sure at the beginning), I included parents in every image taken individually or together and I was so pleased with the flow of the session. I got a lovely message afterwards how much they enjoyed the shoot and they love their photos. I am sharing it because I wanted to show that it is possible without being too staged and that actually it could have been done in their house if you didn't know otherwise. 

Any feedback or comment is appreciated! Apologies for any grammar mistakes, this is how I speak ;) 

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My Mum & Me - capturing a moment in Motherhood


As a mum of 3 I am passionate capturing motherhood and all its elements. This was my inspiration behind my newest project. Be the one in the photos not behind the camera!

Are you in the picture?

I am definitely not the one loving my photos taken. I enjoy being behind the camera; I love documenting what I see.

I knew I had to change my attitude when I realized I hardly had any photo of my first-born and me. I was gutted to say the least that I didn’t make the effort. There are hundreds of pictures of him, with my husband and other family members but very few of me. I remember at times how uncomfortable I felt having photos taken, I didn’t think I looked good enough in the photos, feeling tired or didn’t have makeup on, selfies are not my strongest point either and I had many more excuses why to delay having photos done. The fact that my husband doesn’t point and click in right moment may be another factor and whilst I can ask, the moment is usually gone and doesn’t feel as natural as I would hope so.

So now I try to set the camera up as often as we fancy (tripod or not depending where we are) and make the effort to capture a portrait of me with my children (and all of us together) and I know in years to come the photos I took will be treasured by my children, my husband and me. Don’t get me wrong it’s not easy especially with 3 children under 5 and my ideal “looking natural image” in my head and it doesn’t always go to plan, but we have fun with it which is the most important.

My latest desire to catch a momentum in my life was breastfeeding my youngest baby. He is now over 9 months and I am very much aware that our journey together will at some point come to an end. I have few random photos taken whilst feeding my older 2 children but I just didn’t feel the urgency in capturing it “properly” until now when this would be the last time I feed a baby (decided for now anyway). I don’t know when we stop but I just don’t want to miss it I guess.

I called this project ‘My Mum & Me – capturing a moment of Motherhood’ and of course it’s not only for breastfeeding, or just for babies, it’s about us mums and our children, the day-to-day things we do with them, the joys they bring us (let’s forget about the hard bits for a moment) and the fun we have with the kids, the favorite places we go to and the “one more time” we do, the favourite games we play, the cuddles, the kisses, baby wearing, the lovely bond we share… and the list goes on. I am on the mission to capture those memories with my children and I will try to include myself as much as I can because these are the memories I never want to forget, memories that tell stories. These might not be evident to a viewer, but it is a significant memory for my family and me. And of course I will carry on taking those precious moments of my children with my husband, grandparents and other family members but this time I will want to include myself as much as I can and don’t care for the world what I look like because it will be their mummy they know and love ? xoxo

If you are inspired and would like to have my “My Mum & Me” session please get in touch. These 1 hours sessions would be done in comfort of your home or place you love with your children, alternatively you are welcome to my home based studio. There is no age limit for the children and partners are welcome too. Bare in mind this is not a family photo shoot, these are lifestyle photographs of you and your children, and capturing the beautiful bond you have through activities you love. These sessions are personalized and tailored around you. This package is £95 and you will receive a selection of photos in digital form in colour and B/W. Let me capture one of the many magical fleeting moments of motherhood. You can message me on my website, email or my fb page Photography by Petra.


Pictures below are the set from my breastfeeding session I set up in our bedroom where I feed most of the time. Because of the nature of the photos (trying to feed naturally curious toddler) I set the camera and asked my 5 year old to be my human tripod and bless him he did a fantastic job clicking away! These will be definitely photos I will look back and remind myself what precious moments we shared, not only with Quinn, but Max and Ivy too! We did few photos of all of us together too but that’s for another blog ?


I love to hear what you think, so please comment below, on the post or send me a message xx