How we rolled in Gozo, Malta

Lifestyle videography


This holiday was a special one for us. It was a promise of family time,  chillaxing as my kids call it, doing nothing we don’t desire and everything that usually comes with a holiday, but doing it together, the 5 of us. As over the past 3 years we didn’t experience much of togetherness due to some hard graft on our businesses, so expectation and anticipations were high!

I wanted to document our holiday, experiences, fun, include things which would remind me of this place which is so special to us and I thought a video documentary would be a little more fun to look through rather than hundreds of photos (I totally took hundreds of photos as well).

I usually don’t tend to reach for a camera every day; so I picked 3 days for filming so a) it’s not a chore for me and b) we don’t have to carry yet another bag as we travelled by bus every day. First trip was to Dwejra (former home to Azzuro window and an inland sea), next was one of our usual days at the beach and last one was a boat trip around Comino Island and The Blue Lagoon and i filmed short videos of sights I wanted to remember; activities my kids loved doing and their faces! I love portraits obvs. I had only 1 lens with me (50mm prime lens) which doesn't zoom so i had to move constantly, sometimes struggling to move around or be further back (ie on the boat), but i couldn't imagine bringing more gear anyway, so next time i choose zoom lens for sure!

We discovered different beaches, at different times and at the end we found our happy and that’s what made my holiday so much more enjoyable, when there was no effort to go places, to do things, there was no searching for activities and must visit places, instead I took time to read the books I brought, sat on the balcony looking at the bay, got up earlier than the kids (that’s near enough impossible at home), watched countless Scooby-Doo’s with them early mornings, we also played lots of waiting games (like in our fav book ever ‘Oh the places you’ll go’ by Dr Suess) - mainly for a bus which was perfectly fine as we could fill the time with other things we wanted to do like playing football, have coffee or  indulge in local produce from the nearby market sat on the perfectly cut grass in the middle of a bus station; actually really enjoyed bus journeys because they had AC plus the scenery was just breathtaking!

Now, we have 3 kids under 7 so there is a constant background noise but I def tried to raise above, shared the parenting and let expectations slip. They have many lessons yet to learn, one of which is ‘resolve’ but that will come with time and for now I will enjoy the little problems of little people.


This video LITERALLY sums up what we did (not too much lol) but I had lots of fun creating it (I must add that unprompted which made it even funnier for us to watch back) and it was lots of fun going through it. It will be something we will look back and remind ourselves how to have lazy days and take things slowly, how to have fun together and that we don’t have to have our diary packed with stuff to do to be happy together because really, we have it all where we live (just different).

Btw I haven't seen any other kid flossing so must be totally British thing!!!!