Grandparents with grandchildren

Lifestyle Family Photography

Hadleigh Castle

Today is my daughter’s birthday and I was looking for some images of her to post and I think there are some here worth her personality but it wasnt that spontaneous at all!

I think the most disorganized and chaotic photoshoots are of my own family. I am not kidding! My clients want me there, yet my family would rather not have the camera in sight. They love the result but the journey is another matter. We always have limited time for these because my parents usually come only once a year and ‘the next day’ is usually the answer to my demands of ‘a picture’ and before we know it they are going home. So last summer I decided that we all go to Hadleigh castle with a view to take some no-pressure photos of them all and actually it was rather pleasant.

It’s not always easy to coordinate everyone in one place at the same time, especially when family is not local. But when you do, it can be so rewarding like a gift that keeps on giving! I made a calendar from these photos, kind of half a year later (that’s about right for my personal stuff, I am much more time conscious with client’s work!) but they absolutely loved it and they keep loving it every week they turn the page over! And so they tell me!

And I think that’s the point I keep going on about, that if photos are not seen - whether it’s on the walls or other everyday places like mugs, calendars even keyrings - then they will be forgotten about and even lost in old broken devices and laptops that don’t work anymore. So, if you make that effort to create some photos of your family whether it’s a selfie, self portrait or having a photographer to capture those for you, put them up where you see them and that way they will be cherished even more! Love, Petra x

Lifestyle Family Photography – Crossmans

Lifestyle Family Photography – Crossmans

Outdoor photoshoot in the woods

I have never been taken on 2 hour walk in the woods until I met this family. This photoshoot was originally booked as Fatherhood and Motherhood but combining them together, the attention shifted little towards the family as a unit and documenting their family as they are.

It was a beautiful late afternoon and this time the girls led the way. They literally didn’t stop running, skipping and climbing the trees, so we followed in running and helping them to get down from the trees. That’s pretty much how it went for 2 hours. On the way back we found little clearing and they picked some flowers for a vase and I captured some of the girls together with lovely soft sunset behind them. There was not much direction from me except creating few opportunities, like pit stops, to capture them all together before we set off to trek the woods further. Before long it was time to wrap up!

The goal with any family is not only to create art, but memories they will have forever and I think we pretty much got it right here!

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Autumn Mini Photoshoot FAQ

Autumn Mini Session

Leigh on Sea

Belfairs Woods, Leigh Gardens or Prittlebrook Lane

Autumn children photography

This will feel more like a fun family experience rather than a photoshoot. Your children will enjoy exploring their surrounding and the adventure, leaving you loving those moments with your beautiful family whilst I capture the perfect memories for you!

WHAT's in the package?

• half an hour fun-filled session

• a proof gallery of best images to choose from

• 5 digital images via digital download

Investment fee for this package is £95. Any additional images can be purchased for £15 each, no obligation to purchase.

WHO is this for and how many can be included?

Little people on their own, siblings, family, furry best friends if you have one or a special teddy your little one won‘t go without, this photoshoot‘s aim is bring a family together to have some fun. Only family members in one photoshoot!


To make the most of all that autumn will offer us and time I can offer for these mini shoots, the location for these are Belfairs Woods, Leigh Gardens and Prittlebrook lane (which runs paralel to London Road in Westcliff and Leigh area).

I will be running the sessions from Monday 1st October right through to mid December, including half term and days will have allocated location to minimize travel between sessions. Other locations are a possibility too.

What if the forecast is rain? We can simply re-schedule if the weather is bad, or we can decide on the morning of your photoshoot.

What to bring and what to wear?

Weather at this time of year may be unpredictable, some days are warmer than others. I would recommend to dress for the weather, so everyone feels comfortable and warm. It’s really important that the kids feel happy too.

It may be drizzly, so jackets (bodywarmer or raincoat) may be essential! Ground may be wet and muddy so wellies may be the best option (for little or big), woolly jumpers, hats, scarfs are great, chunky knitts and layers look amazing in the autumnal scenery! Choose a colour pallette for everyone and stick to it. The backdrop is beautifully autumnal, so be at one with the colours! Colour palettes of creams/greys/denims/plums/mustards and oranges look amazing! I.e. choose a base colour (say demin and cream) and an ‘accent’ colour, like yellow.

Avoid vivid ‘unnatural’ bright colours that will draw the eye to the colour, rather than the you! Bright pinks will clash with Autumn itself, so def a no-no! Dusky pinks would work better. Try to stay away from bold, eye-catching patterns. Instead, keep it simple. Please avoid tops with large lettering or logos, these will just be a distraction.

Finally, I know black is a very popular colour, but for the scenery in Autumn… it can be a little dull!

A great way to make your photoshoot unique is to bring something personal to you, whether it is your child‘s Teddy, wooden push cart/wagon to carry leaves or conkers, perhaps a pumpkin they can sit on or an umbrella (if it was wet and there are muddy puddles they can jump in).