Motherhood photoshoot with Yuen & Allegra

Motherhood Package

Two Tree Island, Leigh on Sea

I always get excited when I receive a message from another mother with a desire to have a snippet of their mummy journey documented.

The one thing that came across when chatting about the ideas for this particular shoot was capturing togetherness as they spend lots of time together and love each others company - well that made me well up already and that’s not even the full story!

As we met, I got to hear what a special day 20th April actually is and this is what Yuen said about it on her post over on IG

“Courtesy from @photography_by_petra ..... Never been one to like having photographs taken - partly because I am very self critical and secondly I am the self designated photographer in the family. By coincidence, the photo shoot was booked for the 20th April ... a year on from my brain operation - it was important for me to create some memories. Sometimes we need that little nudge ... the future is unpredictable. No one can pre-empt what will be tomorrow. 
Petra was brilliant. She made the session fun and helped to put my self conscious daughter at ease (and me). It was a fun and laughter filled hour with some lovely photos for keepsake. 
Can’t recommend her enough .... Petra ... Thank you. X”

This is just what I mean when I say that we don’t need a special occasion to do/create/document something for ourselves, our children.

Hope you like the photos as much as I do!

Love, Px

My Mummy and Me Photoshoot - slice of my Motherhood

My Motherhood photoshoots were born a year ago when my youngest was coming to 1 and I knew our breastfeeding journey will end around that time. I had a pro picture done whilst breastfeeding when he was a newborn and obv snapped few times whilst tucked in a sling or happened to have a quiet moment sat in peace but wanted to remember all the little details so I set up and with a help of my 6 year old, we managed some lovely self-portraits which I absolutely love! (pics in slideshow)

Over the nearly 7 years since I became a mum to Max, Ivy and Quinn we had some lovely (and some stressfull) photoshoots done, our latest was last summer as a extended family and I have some pretty awesome pictures with kiddies on my own too! And I don't know if it is just me but I don't get many snaps of me unless I ask and by then the moment is usually gone (or I know the picture which would follow wouldn't have such impact) so having a pro to photograph our family is very essential for me.
I managed to pull out some photos we have had done by other photographers or our self-portraits and I must say going through these I realized I am so much better now stepping in front of the camera than I was when I first became a mum. I wasn’t feeling I could, I never had my hair/make up done (I am not even talking full makeup but bit of effort going long way kind). 
Now I do take time and book a photoshoot at all-important occasions (pregnancies, newborns) and also between when I feel I am lacking or a need of updating our family photos (usually when the youngest is about 7 months to a year).
"Do snaps from the ZOO or holiday or selfies count?" you ask, and of course they do because they are a massive part in our lives and no less important as they document our daily memories, but they will never capture life as it happens which a skilful photographer can, who sees things you don’t even know they exist because we are not constantly looking in the mirror to see them, right? 
"... but I don't like my photos taken!" they say. I know from experience that parents would quite happily stand back and let me photograph their lovely children, not even considering how much they are missing out by not taking part in the photos. It doesn’t have to be very posy, quite the opposite, it can be very engaging, relaxed and just feeling the unity of their family in that moment and that is what makes a family portrait memorable, unique to you and an important keepsake for your children – just the same when we rummage through old albums or drawers full of old photographs of family we have never met but we are still interested in and the connections we share. 
I am talking about our children and grandchildren who will never go through our old computers (as if they worked by then) to see the gazillions of photographs we take every day on our phones which many of us don't have backed up either so here is a tip of what I do: I keep 2 keepsake boxes of random photos which are close to my heart, the ones I want to pass onto my children when they grow older and that’s what makes it worth keeping up for me.
To capture slice of your today’s life as a mother/grandmother/auntie, message me on for a booking form or contact me here. The sessions are still going for £99!

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