Motherhood photoshoot with Yuen & Allegra

Motherhood Package

Two Tree Island, Leigh on Sea

I always get excited when I receive a message from another mother with a desire to have a snippet of their mummy journey documented.

The one thing that came across when chatting about the ideas for this particular shoot was capturing togetherness as they spend lots of time together and love each others company - well that made me well up already and that’s not even the full story!

As we met, I got to hear what a special day 20th April actually is and this is what Yuen said about it on her post over on IG

“Courtesy from @photography_by_petra ..... Never been one to like having photographs taken - partly because I am very self critical and secondly I am the self designated photographer in the family. By coincidence, the photo shoot was booked for the 20th April ... a year on from my brain operation - it was important for me to create some memories. Sometimes we need that little nudge ... the future is unpredictable. No one can pre-empt what will be tomorrow. 
Petra was brilliant. She made the session fun and helped to put my self conscious daughter at ease (and me). It was a fun and laughter filled hour with some lovely photos for keepsake. 
Can’t recommend her enough .... Petra ... Thank you. X”

This is just what I mean when I say that we don’t need a special occasion to do/create/document something for ourselves, our children.

Hope you like the photos as much as I do!

Love, Px

We found the flowers but decided otherwise...

For those who saw my video from yesterday, here is the end result :) or if you missed the wobbly video feel free to check it out here lol! 

Needless to say that the black Tshirt I wore, wasn’t a winner in 38C but what a superstar my 6 year old niece Sabina! She was probably boiling in that princess dress but no sign of complaint from her!


To be honest, I was a little bit worried how the session will pan out. Obviously she knows me (we see each other yearly, sometimes more often) but when I photographed her previously, she wasn't very keen and was very shy, she used to hid from me every time I had a camera in my hands so I hoped that she will be excited wearing her new dress and also having a new brother (whose photos I will share soon) – this was her time only and to my surprise she did amazingly!


We found some flowers my sister was so keen on, they were a bit high for her so in the end I only took few shots (psst! she doesn’t know) and concentrated on getting some lovely portraits of her in more suitable dress in that heat (I am really missing emojis typing on laptop lol, I am emoji junkie).


Any comments and feedback welcome and if you are interested in children photo session, please contact me. More info here


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