Motherhood photoshoot with Yuen & Allegra

Motherhood Package

Two Tree Island, Leigh on Sea

I always get excited when I receive a message from another mother with a desire to have a snippet of their mummy journey documented.

The one thing that came across when chatting about the ideas for this particular shoot was capturing togetherness as they spend lots of time together and love each others company - well that made me well up already and that’s not even the full story!

As we met, I got to hear what a special day 20th April actually is and this is what Yuen said about it on her post over on IG

“Courtesy from @photography_by_petra ..... Never been one to like having photographs taken - partly because I am very self critical and secondly I am the self designated photographer in the family. By coincidence, the photo shoot was booked for the 20th April ... a year on from my brain operation - it was important for me to create some memories. Sometimes we need that little nudge ... the future is unpredictable. No one can pre-empt what will be tomorrow. 
Petra was brilliant. She made the session fun and helped to put my self conscious daughter at ease (and me). It was a fun and laughter filled hour with some lovely photos for keepsake. 
Can’t recommend her enough .... Petra ... Thank you. X”

This is just what I mean when I say that we don’t need a special occasion to do/create/document something for ourselves, our children.

Hope you like the photos as much as I do!

Love, Px

Jasper - Newborn photography

Newborn photoshoot in my home based studio in Leigh on Sea. 

I must say that siblings snuggling together and the love and care they so openly give, so overwhelming, so rewarding... nothing melts my heart more!

Molly was so lovely and even made friends in our house as between her turns, she played next door with my daughter whilst baby Jasper was hard at work posing <3


Fine Art Children Portraits news

Some exciting plans are plotting in my photography. Soon I will be offering Fine Art Children photography sessions in my home based studio in Leigh on Sea.

It has been a while since I photographed a subject specifically for a fine art experience, precisely 6 years and some odd 9 months ago.

It was time when I worked for a local studio and was finalizing my Associateship panel for British Institute of Professional Photography (I passed on my Licentiateship couple of years before that and was ready to up my qualification). 

I worked with hundreds of families and every so often I got inspired and at the end of the session we created a timeless photo, out of ordinary, just their child, no unnecessary props, no distraction, all about them and I quickly realized that sometimes the simplest of looks worked best and draws you more intently to them, their faces, their eyes.

I was heavily pregnant when I completed my panel of 20 images and the focus or theme if you like was Nude and Performance. I already had my first son Max when I submitted my panel and went for judging.

As you can imagine, it was a nerve wracking experience and rather emotional, all the work, mentoring, changes but I was happy with the result. I didn’t pass. I was heartbroken and remember pushing tears away (some slipped obv) and that was it. I turned back on the style I was creating because I didn’t think it was good enough. What I forgot to acknowledge all these years was it wasn’t a failure; it was an achievement as I didn’t pass only on 3 images out of 20. I think I could have gone back and reshoot and resubmit however I have just become a mother and my priorities changed.

Over the years some of it crept back and I used directional light to create more sophisticated looks with my clients but most of the time I was happily working within my style I created in my own environment when I set off on self employed journey, self taught to photograph newborns and work only with natural light.

I came to realize that every few years I crave for a change (as we all do I guess) and do something out of routine and do something which challenges my skills and creativity.

SOOOOO, 2018 is going to be more about unleashing the potential in myself, what I can achieve with natural light and be different and more daring from what I have done over the past few years. I will still continue with all of my packages as they are as well.

Whilst I put plans into action and create a package (and launch my Fine art children portrait and all that), I would like to share my panel with you just because I am proud of my work now and before! Comments as always welcome :)

Much love,


PS: if you are interested in having styled fine art session, please contact me and will send you some information as soon as.


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Fatherhood photoshoot = Fun at home with West Family

Lifestyle photography for dad and daughter in their own home.

My lovely friend bought this Fatherhood photoshoot for her husband as a Father's day gift!

With baby #2's  arrival fast approaching, it was a great opportunity to capture the playfulness these two share! It was fun, relaxed and limitless... 

For more information on Fatherhood/Motherhood style photoshoot please click here or just message me :)

Comments welcome! 

When a family photoshoot just flows...

This family photoshoot has taken place near Old Leigh in Leigh on Sea by one of the bridges which crosses the railway. What a location! The architecture is just stunning and I must admit it's never occured to me to shoot there!

Normally when I don't know the location very well (from composition perspective), I arrive a bit earlier just to see what is around and if I can find some interesting backdrops and think through how I want to frame the images.

It's lovely when you click with your clients and think the same, the session goes with such ease and has a lovely flow. I think we were done in about half an hour so that was perfect for small baby and inquisitive toddler! 

The family are yet to see the photos so hope this is a lovely preview for them :) As always any feedback/comments welcome.


For more information about a Family packages please check here. For lifestyle shoots please click here.


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How I did a lifestyle photoshoot in my home studio

My recent session inquiry started something like this: We would like to book for a family lifestyle session but we want to come to your home based studio as we are in a process of moving and our style is quite minimalistic and would like more clean background pictures (in nutshell anyway).

I wouldn't be telling you this story if I thought - yeah that's fine! 

Firstly I worried I can't get lifestyle photos in my bare looking studio room! Secondly the family session was exactly that -family session, which I can honestly say I don't remember if that ever happened to me! Normally parents shy away from the camera and it is normally me encouraging them to participate bit more (especially newborn sessions). I absolutely get it but you - yourselves take hundreds or thousands images of your children yet you most probably have less of the ones with you in them or all of you in your images. And yes, there are the popular selfies, but not often they do justice to whatever emotion or activity you want to capture as we get so preoccupied with which button to press, where on the phone i am looking, who is actually looking and the list goes on.

I am not saying let's not do individual photos of children! I make sure (twice a year) I have lovely portraits of my children to change over in the frames or give to family members but I also have yearly family photoshoot i am included in. It's not only important for us to document our family unit but for your children and future generations...

Anyway, this session scared me a little as I wasn't sure how I can be in charge of  what we are doing next, looking as naturally as possible, capturing the essence of their family life and without looking at the camera most/all of the time.

I must say they were absolutely amazing, totally embraced how the session naturally unfolded, concentrating on what was so important for them to document, interaction with their lovely baby, the joy, the love they showed. It absolutely surprised me(!) how much I enjoyed the session (I really wasn't sure at the beginning), I included parents in every image taken individually or together and I was so pleased with the flow of the session. I got a lovely message afterwards how much they enjoyed the shoot and they love their photos. I am sharing it because I wanted to show that it is possible without being too staged and that actually it could have been done in their house if you didn't know otherwise. 

Any feedback or comment is appreciated! Apologies for any grammar mistakes, this is how I speak ;) 

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