Maternity photoshoot with Jade

Maternity photography

Natural light pregnancy shoot in client's own home.

We found the perfect light and room and photographed some shots outside on the patio.

Jade is a pregnancy pilates teacher from Soulsisters Pilates and so it was only natural to include some yoga/pilates posing to the mix. The shoot was really relaxing, we had some ideas in mind as to what we want to achieve so it's always a good idea to do some homework before the shoot. Jade was around 38 wks pregnant and her henna belly design was just beautiful! Big sis-to be also joined us for few cuddles and we finished off with an unposed family portrait :)

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How I did a lifestyle photoshoot in my home studio

My recent session inquiry started something like this: We would like to book for a family lifestyle session but we want to come to your home based studio as we are in a process of moving and our style is quite minimalistic and would like more clean background pictures (in nutshell anyway).

I wouldn't be telling you this story if I thought - yeah that's fine! 

Firstly I worried I can't get lifestyle photos in my bare looking studio room! Secondly the family session was exactly that -family session, which I can honestly say I don't remember if that ever happened to me! Normally parents shy away from the camera and it is normally me encouraging them to participate bit more (especially newborn sessions). I absolutely get it but you - yourselves take hundreds or thousands images of your children yet you most probably have less of the ones with you in them or all of you in your images. And yes, there are the popular selfies, but not often they do justice to whatever emotion or activity you want to capture as we get so preoccupied with which button to press, where on the phone i am looking, who is actually looking and the list goes on.

I am not saying let's not do individual photos of children! I make sure (twice a year) I have lovely portraits of my children to change over in the frames or give to family members but I also have yearly family photoshoot i am included in. It's not only important for us to document our family unit but for your children and future generations...

Anyway, this session scared me a little as I wasn't sure how I can be in charge of  what we are doing next, looking as naturally as possible, capturing the essence of their family life and without looking at the camera most/all of the time.

I must say they were absolutely amazing, totally embraced how the session naturally unfolded, concentrating on what was so important for them to document, interaction with their lovely baby, the joy, the love they showed. It absolutely surprised me(!) how much I enjoyed the session (I really wasn't sure at the beginning), I included parents in every image taken individually or together and I was so pleased with the flow of the session. I got a lovely message afterwards how much they enjoyed the shoot and they love their photos. I am sharing it because I wanted to show that it is possible without being too staged and that actually it could have been done in their house if you didn't know otherwise. 

Any feedback or comment is appreciated! Apologies for any grammar mistakes, this is how I speak ;) 

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