A girl and The Unicorn

This outdoor photoshoot was really for me but Ivy had time of her life meeting a unicorn...

All this started when my 4 year old daughter decided to cut her hair and we promptly decided that we chop her long ponytail only if it fits the criteria and can be donated to lovely charity The Little Princess Trust (we set up Just giving page to raise some funds and we got unbelievable £150 so far, so thank you to all for the love and support). 

The time we set was half term and as I am in the process (for a year already - it's practically a joke now) of making our bare wall in living room more visually pleasing, I decided a lovely portrait of Ivy with her still long hair would be a nice gift to her as well as a lovely keepsake for us! I had few ideas but nothing really exciting until my dear friend told me about this company who hires a unicorn. Well that must be it, right? So I promptly message them following early morning if they actually have any availability (half term, week of notice) before I got too excited and after getting everyone on board (car, childcare) we had a date and time set! Forecast was very promising - sunny, 18C but...

...it wasnt sunny - far from, it was raining the whole day so my enthusiasm sunk too, but kept it really upbeat for Ivy. See, I was thinking as a photographer, not as a mother here which I realized few days after. Anyway, Ivy had an AMAZING time! She never sat on a horse really and is quite wary with animals as such, but OMG! she surprised me big time! I was so proud of her, not being beaten by the rain, walking around stables looking for good location and waiting for her turn to see TITAN. Well, I must say this horse was just gorgeous! If I remember well, he is 8 and comes from Spain. He lives in Epping now for 2 years now and his owner Amy from Essex Unicorn Hire was so kind to let us come at such short notice! He really liked his horse biscuits which Ivy was generously feeding him with and in the end he was munching on the apples and carrots, we brought for him. I am sure it wasn't the last time we saw him either!

Special thanks needs to go to a lovely owner of Rockamilly for lending us her beautiful skirt. Her shop is full of gorgeous things and Ivy has already eyed her next pair of unicorn trainers!

Thank you to my friends Sarah and Keri who made it all so much more bearable looking after our 2 boys whilst the girls went for a day out and feeding them as we got stuck in bad traffic on the way home and also to my lovely friend Gina for lending me her camera. The pictures are far from what I had in mind, the sky was grey and light was dull, so the quality isn't perfect BUT for once I would say - something is better than nothing and if nothing else, Ivy will always have her special reminder when she rode a unicorn <3