Ember & Lyra - mini shoot

Mini children's photoshoot

Portraiture | Outdoor photography

Leigh on Sea, Essex

So even though 1pm is not the ideal time for outdoor photoshoot, especially when sun is out, there are options and even one tree can offer enough shade to do some lovely shots and add depth with backlit hair.

The time picked turned out to be not so ideal but Charlie, old and friendly Labrador passing on his daily walk, saved the day and these two blue-eyed beauties lit up and here is the result :) Thank you Charlie! xx

My mini shoots are on offer through August.

  • half an hour photoshoot (in my home studio or outdoors)

  • 5 digital images in colour and B/W included

  • any age

  • pet portrait or shared moments are perfect for this (ie breastfeeding...)

  • £95

  • for any additional image it's £15

Message me if you have any questions! petra.blacklock@icloud.com or through my contact form here.

Evie & Isla ~ Fine Art Children Portrait

Finished gallery for Evie & Isla.

They were ace! I know Isla since she was teeny tiny and Evie 2! It was really relaxed and comfortable, they were excited and didn't mind changing into different outfits and their old show costumes! I couldn't have asked for better models to see if my Fine Art Portraits ever make it to my packages. 

It was a great experience! I have learnt a lot, remembered some forgotten stuff from job in the studio setting, proved that studio lighting can be successfully replaced with natural light and of course the famous flowery curtains which we inherited with our house are "invaluable" (replaceable but why bother if they do the job), that all I really need is a camera, lens (though I still want to upgrade for better one) and a VISION! I am sure the portraits will evolve with every client and some will be more dark, sophisticated and some will by light and airy and we may even venture outside (weather permitted) but one is for sure, I feel really exciting about this <3

For more information about Fine Art photography please message me on petra.blacklock@icloud.com