I want to remember when...

Are you missing in your family photographs? I am definitely the one in our family who has to search hard to find a picture of myself, not just because I am a photographer, it just comes more naturally to me to pick up a camera and capture the moment when I see it than to my husband. He doesn't think that way so we update our family photos yearly (and special occasions too) by using local photographers or creating self portraits. It is important to me and of course I want to document our lives not just for us but for the generations to come.

Our self portraits are sporadic and mainly document feelings or if I have an idea for an image but it's lots of effort and patience, grabbing the kiddies, don't forget the dog, tripod... so I like having someone else to capture what i don't see.

Lifestyle photography is a great way to capture your family just the way it is, no gimmicks, unnatural posing, you can let your creative juices flow and let your imagination run wild and indulge in activities you do as a family together; possibilities are limitless and we can totally capture few photos looking at the camera!

This is a lifestyle photoshoot, there is no posing, just capturing pure joy in activity you choose to do. This is more than taking candid shots, it is about capturing images that reveal a story, a relationship, a feeling, a personality.

What's included?

- personalized session plan

- in-home or outdoor location (note: for locations out of Southend area, travel surcharge will be applied)

- approx. 1 hour photoshoot

- upto 50 high resolution images available via digital download

Investment for this session is £239.


I would like to offer for every lifestyle session booked this year (2019) upto 90sec Keepsake film from the session. The reason I offer this as part of the package is that I found a real passion for videography and I want to get better. To provide this and photos, I need to however compromize on digital images provided from each session, which will reduce to 30 if you take on this offer. If you only want images, that’s absolutely fine, there will be no change in the package above.

Example of a short movie from family session here.