Newborn Portraiture

I have been photographing newborns since 2011. My work is constantly evolving and I love to create something unique for each of my clients, whether it is by using personal items my clients may choose to bring and incorporate those to create timeless photographs or just by simply observing what poses your new baby likes.  I have props, throws, wraps and hats you can choose from to create the look you want. Parents and older siblings are more than welcome and can participate in the session as much as you wish. I always encourage a family photo and if you really didn't like it, you don't have to choose it!

I advise you to book your newborn session whilst still pregnant when I note your EDD (but not necessary as I work on a very unpredictable schedule most of the time and I often get last minute newborn bookings when baby is already few days old) and once baby is born we arrange a suitable time, preferably when baby is between 5-14 days old. I can just imagine what you are thinking at the moment (I have been there 3 times!!!). This is the time when you won't look the way you are used to, may be in pain, sore and dragging yourself out of the house/bed one week postnatal is the last thing on your mind. I absolutely get it BUT it is soooo WORTH IT! I can't stress enough how quickly this stage goes, and in a few weeks or months time your little bundle will change so significantly and the early days will be just a blur. And trust me, you DO WANT to remember all the little details and yes it may take few hours but in months, years time it will be so insignificant but so important!

I book only 1 newborn session a day so there is no rush especially if baby takes little while longer to settle. Sessions normally takes around 4 hours and there is plenty of time to feed whenever and how long baby needs, to settle (I happily help with this to give you a rest) and to change sets around. It's a very relaxed atmosphere and if you need privacy with feeding, it's not a problem. I am very much led by your baby, with posing, wrapping or settling, I won't persevere with poses if they don't work for your little one.

One of the usual questions - CLOTHING! For babies nothing is needed except few extra nappies on hand and if bottle fed I suggest to bring more milk than they would usually take just in case. A special hat/blanket, possibly going home outfit you want to remember or any knits parents wanted to dress baby in, you are welcome to bring with you. For siblings anything comfortable but plain is great (avoid too bold colours or big patterns). For parents I suggest something they feel comfortable in, avoid big patterns and logo across tshirts as it may be distracting in the photos. I would suggest to bring change of clothes so you can decide on the day or if there is an accident.

The investment fee for this package is £299 for initial 6 photos and these are high resolution digital images provided in colour and black&white. Additional images are £20 each. All images are fully edited (dry skin, spots and blemishes removed, patched skin corrected and skin tone adjusted. Editing is done by me appropriately and not at all over the top (see my gallery) and I discuss any special editing with clients prior finalising the order.

There is an option of combining this package with a maternity session as a Bump to Baby package. This is great value package at £449! For more information about maternity package click here.


Why lifestyle photography...

The days following a birth can be a whirlwind of activity and emotions and I understand that for many women the thought of going to a studio for half a day is not the ideal time spent - so think of your newborn session as a time to slow down and savor some quiet moments with your new baby in the comfort of your own home. My goal is to make the photography experience as easy and relaxed as possible.

Booking a newborn session will help you capture these moments in time. These are more than just photographs; these are pieces of artwork for your family that will only grow in value. It brings me so much joy to know that you and your children will be able to look back and treasure these memories in the years to come.

I consider my style to be “relaxed portraiture” in sense it’s more casual than portrait photography and in my lifestyle sessions I let the moments unfold naturally, and if needed I can assist with prompts or ideas.

The lifestyle images became one of my favorite images, because they truly tell a story and capture the emotions and connection between you and your new baby.

What can you expect from Lifestyle newborn session?

 -       Time & talent of the photographer, 

-       1-2 hours of in-home or location photography (note: travel surcharge will be applied for locations outside of Southend area)

-       upto 50 images included via digital download

Investment fee for this session is £359.

This package can be combined with a maternity session in any combination (portrait/lifestyle, different fee applies).


I would like to offer for every lifestyle session booked this year (2019) upto 90sec Keepsake film from the session. The reason I offer this as part of the package is that I found a real passion for videography and I want to get better. To provide this and photos, I need to however compromize on digital images provided from each session, which will reduce to 30 if you take on this offer. If you only want images, that’s absolutely fine, there will be no change in the package above.

Example of a short movie from Newborn session here although any future films will not include still photos.